Anonymous asked:
your so lucky your in america!!!! will you move there in the future? xxxx

Absolutely! the second I get the fuck done with high school ill be saying goodbye to Australia haha! (But ill keep in touch with my friends because they are amazing)

Anonymous asked:
why aren't you close with you parents?

i’m a very independent person and don’t have anything in common with them 

Anonymous asked:
is boccdog your best friend or is mia?

both of them are! I met sarah at my first HS and went to the same primary school as Mia x 

Anonymous asked:
Did ur parents visit u in USA? If so that's sooo good u must have been happy to see them! X

Yes they are here now! its been okay, I’m not that close with them haha

Anonymous asked:
Where a bouts in America are you?


Anonymous asked:
Where are your shoes from in that recent photo of you that you just posted on tumblr?

Some chain shoe shop i think it may have been ZU ! I honestly can’t remember I got them on sale yonks ago!

Anonymous asked:
R u coming back to Australia soon? Or are you already here? Xx

I extended my exchange so im coming back in January of next year x 

Anonymous asked:
why dont you ever post on this account anymore? it was so good!!

I have just been so busy with my exchange! I keep meaning to though :(

guavical asked:
What's your insta?xx

kateisabel_brennan xx